Six Tips to D-Stress and Lose Weight Fast


To be successful at weight loss and the prevention of weight gain, it is vital that you find ways to manage stress. Otherwise, you leave yourself open to some of the negative effects of stress. In my case, long-term stress led to a lowered immune system, which in turn made me susceptible to everything, including chronic fatigue syndrome. My advice. Don't let it get that far! Some of the negative affects for me included comfort eating, loss of sleep, fatigue, pain, and reduced motivation to exercise, which can all have a negative effect on your health and body shape.

When looking at ways to relax, why not look for strategies that also contribute to better health?

Here are 6 stress-busting tips that can help you to both unwind and lose weight at the same time.

  1. Catch up with a friend by going for a walk instead of coffee and cake. Physical activity Australia even has a website to help you find a training partner. Check out

  2. Plan your meals in advance, even meal plan for the week. This can help to reduce impulse purchases, and takes the stress out of meal choices on those nights when you're busy and tired.

  3. Borrow a book about Tai Chi from your local library, and teach yourself a basic 10-minute routine. You can also check out this clip on youtube on Tai Chi for beginners

  4. Cook double batches of meals and portion them out, freezing the extra servings for an easy heat-up meal when you don't feel like cooking.

  5. Practice some yoga postures by downloading a free instructional app on your smart phone. Daily yoga can be found on iTunes and Google Play and includes a yoga pose library with different difficulty levels.Swim some gentle laps in a heated pool, focusing on your breathing throughout.

Your challenge

Here's a challenge for you. Right now (and there's no place like the present), write down three things that help you to unwind.

Ideally, these three strategies or activities should help you to relax, but also contribute to weight loss at the same time. You can choose three items from my list above, or come up with your own.

Writing things down helps to transform ideas and intentions into reality and action.

A study conducted at the Dominican University in the US found that participants who wrote down their goals were 33% more successful in achieving their intended outcome, especially when they shared their goals with a friend.

It helps to motivate you towards doing, instead of just thinking. It paints a clearer picture of what you want, which ultimately can lead to a calmer, leaner you.

Why not share your tips to unwind with our 30-Day Mojo Cleanse Community? We'd love to hear what you do to unwind.