7 Day Mindful Mum Experience

7 Day Mindful Mum Experience

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What is it?

  • struggle with all the multi-tasking, keeping all the balls in the air?

  • feel overwhelmed with all you have on your plate?

  • get stressed because you have a thousand thoughts running through your head at any one time?

  • have a short fuse and sometimes take it out on your kids?

When is it?

You can do the experience any time at your convenience.

The Experience is created with the busy mum in mind...

Delivered over 7 consecutive days, easily actionable, daily tasks will be delivered via text message, Facebook or email to do each day.

However, you don't have to complete the task that day if it doesn't fit in with what you are doing. You can be flexible and switch tasks around to suit your day, or just save up the texts and emails to do on days when it suits you.

Interaction with the Facebook page is purely optional - some people like the support and inspiration of a group but feel free to take or leave as you fancy. If you just want to follow what we are doing then make sure you like our Facebook page.

Best of all you will receive videos, educational materials, worksheets, and other printables that you can review at anytime in the future.

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