Mojo 30-Day Lifestyle Detox

Mojo 30-Day Lifestyle Detox

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The 30-Day Mojo Detox is a step-by-step, flexible program, to remove toxins from your body for a healthier, happier lifestyle.

If you’ve been in a state of not-so-greatness for a while, then this program is for you. It is simple and easy to follow, even for the busiest working mum.

The 30-Day program is a cellular detox that will eliminate toxins from your body and set you on a path to help you lose weight, gain lean muscle, improve your sleep, deal with stress, enhance your mood, and positively impact your overall health and energy.

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It’s a full body, mind and spiritual detox. It takes 21 days to change a habit. The first week of the program will involve some adjustment, trial and error – 30 days is what you need to get it right for your future lifestyle change.

With the 30-Day Mojo Detox you will set a new pattern and direction for your life. You will take new, healthy steps every day, and it will do wonders for your health, weight and wellbeing, short and long term.

This anti-inflammatory program is not about counting calories, carbs or fats, it's about choosing foods from a place of wanting to nourish your body and your cells on a deep level.

A detox doesn’t have to be expensive or inconvenient. With our 30 day online program, you can do a cost effective and low pressure program that is professional and well supported.

We do not promote fad products or potions, we show you how to detox using real food and proven techniques to not only detox your diet but your whole environment.

The best part about our program is that you get to do it with a sister-hood group of like minded women who will inspire, motivate, and encourage you every step of the way.

What happens after I purchase?

After you have paid for the program we will send you an email with guidelines of what to expect and when. The date of your program can be changed up to 7 days prior to the start date. However, once you have started the program and you have received the first materials and worksheets, a refund is not possible.

Don’t take our word for it!

“The Mummy Mojo program gave me strategies I needed to detox my body and my home. It’s incredible value for money, with daily tips, tricks and recipes to educate me, and motivate me to keep going. Amy is very supportive, and her knowledge and expertise in this area is second to none!”

“The program helped me achieve greater balance and helped me succeed at being a better colleague and mum. I also shed a few unwanted kg’s, and my skin is absolutely glowing. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to take back control over their eating habits, increase their energy levels, and look and feel incredible. Thanks Mummy Mojo. “

Katherine Cole (Mum of 2)

“I’ve always been fit and healthy, but as I hit my 40’s I became unwell as I put myself last after my young family and work. I put on weight and wasn’t eating well, I needed to find my mojo again!”

Penny Lambert (Mum of 3)

“I am so grateful to Amy and the 30 day detox program! It has given me the guidance required to get back to a more balanced and healthy way of eating and living. To respect myself, my body, my time and my emotions. I found the program challenging but in a good way. I now find myself seeking out the healthier options and acknowledging the fact I can’t do it all:, where I recognise striving for my personal best is enough.”

Amanda Connor (Mum of 2)

What do you get?

  • Learn how and why detoxing works.

  • Pre-detox guidelines to lay the groundwork for success.

  • A plan of what to eat each day, including delicious meals and snacks. (No starving on this program!)

  • Recipes for all meals, smoothies and juices listed in the meal plan.

  • Weekly shopping lists with guidance on where to purchase the most detox-friendly foods.

  • How to reduce exposure to toxins in your home.

  • Tips on how to reintroduce foods and sustain healthy changes. 

  • Emails, videos, and text messages with content to instruct you and support your program. 

  • Online support via email and a Private Facebook Group from our coaches and community of graduate detoxers.

  • Lifetime access to our detox group of like-minded mums, exclusive downloadable worksheets, shopping lists, recipes, and menus - go at your own pace, as many times as you like.

  • Discount access to clinic facilities if you are local (and discounts off Skype coaching and EFT if you’re not Sydney based).