Stressless E-book

Stressless E-book


In this beautiful 63 page eBook you’ll learn the essential daily habits that can help build your resilience to stress.

Stress is one of our biggest Mojo and health stealers, and can hold us back from leading our most vibrant, lit-up life.

We are so excited to share with you the Mummy Mojo Guide To Stress-free Living – the ultimate guide to preventing, avoiding and relieving stress.

As well you will discover some simple life strategies that can help you avoid stress in the first place!

And for the times when, despite your best efforts, you still may sometimes succumb to stress, you’ll find oodles of our favourite tried and tested tips to relieve stress that will take you from OMG to OMMM in minutes.

With our holistic and realistic approach to helping mums dial down the stress, you’ll have the tools at your fingertips to be calmer and better equipped to deal with the crazy and unpredictability of life as a busy mum.

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