If parenthood has stolen your mojo, don’t despair! It’s not gone for ever.

you don’t have to choose between being a good mum, and having a mojo-filled life. You can have both! It’s time to stop putting your own needs last and join our tribe of mums who want to feel happy, healthy and fulfilled.


Mojo is our true sense of self

The things that make you YOU and not just mummy.

When you are running on empty it is hard to cater to the needs of others as well as your own. The first step is to put your own needs on your priority list.

To know that is not just okay but absolutely vital to take time out to cater to your own health and happiness needs.

When you allow yourself to give YOU what YOU need, you become open to joy, confidence, and optimum health.

If you want to get your mojo and sparkle back in 2019 we can help you!


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Our clinic on Fairlight Beach has complimentary therapies such as infrared sauna, ionic foot spa, EFT, nutrition, health and life coaching programs. We believe in a holistic approach to health starting with emotions. If you do not have a solid emotional foundation on which to build your health plan it is very difficult to maintain in the long term. We begin all programs by coaching you on how to deal with the emotional to help with long term results.

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