1. REDUCE PROCESSED FOODS. While you are waiting for your food and detox supplement support to arrive, start reducing processed foods, wheat, caffeine and alcohol. Replace your caffeine with non-caffeinated drinks, alcohol with mocktails, and chocolate with organic sweet treats from the health food store.

  2. LIVER CLEANSE. Begin your day with a liver cleansing drink of warm water and lemon juice. For an extra detox boost add ginger, apple cider vinegar, and turmeric powder.

  3. DRINK FILTERED WATER. Hunger is often confused with dehydration. Next time you feel like having a snack, have a glass of water. This helps you lose weight faster, and also keep it off longer, after all our bodies are 50 - 75% water.

  4. BUY ORGANIC. While on a detox it is not recommended to eat foods that are laden with chemicals and toxins. Where ever possible shop for organic produce. Buying organic means the food you eat is free from pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, sewage, ionising radiation and genetic modification.

  5. EAT BREAKFAST. By eating or drinking a healthy breakfast you give your metabolism a jumpstart. Studies repeatedly show that daily breakfast consumption is associated with maintaining a healthy weight

  6. FOLLOW THE MOJO DETOX DIET. Aim for 400-600 calories per main meal and where possible choose a meal from the weekly menu and ensure at least one main meal a day is a shake, soup, or salad for ease of digestion. As long as you are eating clean, organic whole foods in sensible portions you won’t go far wrong.

  7. LIMIT SUGAR. Limit, or if possible avoid all processed food, sugar, artificial sweeteners, coffee, alcohol, bottled sauces, gluten and dairy for the 30-Day Detox. These can be re-introduced gradually when your body has adjusted. 

  8. LIMIT RED MEAT IN THE FIRST WEEK. For the first week, limit meat intake and avoid red meat to give your digestive system a break. This will lower inflammation and enhance the detoxification process, allowing the digestive system to do its job. 

  9. KEEP BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL BALANCED as this will regulate hunger. Some of you may need 3 meals a day, some may need 5 meals a day. The best way to balance your blood sugar levels is with a meal of protein, carbs, and healthy fats (e.g. a snack consisting of veggie + hummus + activated nuts). 

  10. PREPARE YOUR MEALS. If you wish to follow the weekly recipes you will need to plan ahead. Take the Mojo Detox shopping list with you and shop before it starts. Spend time on the Sunday preparing meals for the week ahead, then treat it as an appointment each week. It is best to store lunches in a glass container, rather than a plastic one which can be toxic. Always carry your snacks with you so you don’t get caught out when you’re hungry.

  11. ONE DEEP CLEANSE PER WEEK. Aim to do a deep cleanse one day every week. On this day you should keep activity pretty minimal, whilst keeping yourself preoccupied and out of the kitchen. Throughout the day sip lemon water and dandelion tea, and eat small simple snacks every few hours to balance blood sugar levels. Don’t forget to take your detox support supplements to enhance the detoxification and elimination process. 

  12. DETOX YOUR ENVIRONMENT. Further reduce the toxins in your life by taking on some of the other detox steps, e.g. use natural cleaning products around the home, switch your current moisturiser to a chemical-free, organic skincare product.

  13. EXERCISE DAILY. Exercise doesn’t have to just be at the gym, lifting weights and intense cardio. It can be a light walk, yoga or swimming. Exercise promotes waste removal, lowers stress, increases energy, increases metabolism and much more. Incorporate incremental exercise into your day as much as possible.

  14. SLEEP. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night, every night. Deep, restful sleep is required to release growth hormones and release body fat. Also, when we are tired we want to eat more, and exhaustion causes hormonal imbalances. Rest is also essential for repair and recovery of muscles.

  15. MEDITATE DAILY. Practice daily meditation, breathing and gratitude exercises to detox the mind, de-stress, and bring peace and balance. If you incorporate this detox step into a morning ritual you are more likely to stick with it. 

  16. CONNECT. If you are having a hard day and need support or have a question, connect with the Mojo Detox Facebook Group - we’re all here to support each other. Or you can share a photo of your breakfast shake, or how you're fitting back into a favourite dress, whatever connects you to the liked minded people doing this detox.