8 Steps To Getting Out of Your Own Way So You Can Pursue Your Dreams


Do you have a dream that is niggling away at you, unfulfilled? Are you looking to return to work after a career break to start a family but you’ve lost your confidence?

Is there a dream job that feels beyond your grasp? Do you have a passion that you’d like to turn into a home-based business but never had the confidence to go for it? Are you getting in your own way and holding yourself back from pursuing your dreams?

We are often our own worst enemy. Negative thoughts and the inner monologue talking yourself down is self-sabotage at its best. All too often we let fear into our lives, particularly when it comes to pursuing our dreams.

We become paralysed, unable to move forward and pursue the life we truly want. We lack confidence and become consumed by fear of the risks, rejection, failure and disappointment.

Here are 8 steps to take to get out of your own way so that you can pursue your dreams: 

Acknowledge and Welcome the Negative Thoughts.  Analyse the fear – is it based in reality? If you give in to the fear and don’t go for it will you regret it? What are the risks? Are they manageable? Do you have gaps in your skills that you can address? If you experience failure what is the worst that can happen? This is a powerful tool to analyse your situation for what it truly is, your actual reality. You will then be able to move forward based on fact rather than fear.

Think Positively.  Thinking positively is not something you magically become good at overnight - it is a skill that requires consistent practice and time. If you tell yourself something often enough it will start to sink in. So flood your mind with positive thoughts. Say some of your favorite mantras to yourself in the mirror each day. Have post-it notes on your computer screen. Visualize yourself achieving what it is you want so that the motivation is strong.

Believe in Yourself. If your mind is telling you that you are never going to be able to get back on the career ladder, or you are not good enough for that promotion, or you don’t have what it takes to start your dream business, then it will never happen. Tell yourself you ARE good enough, you CAN do it. Make a list of all the skills you have. Write down your achievements at the end of each day and celebrate them, no matter how small.


Get your Mojo Back!

If you’ve lost your Mojo you need to get it flowing again pronto!

A positive, “can do” attitude and mojo go hand in hand – it’s very hard to believe in yourself or ooze confidence when you are feeling run down, overwhelmed, sluggish and exhausted. A daily self-care routine that addresses both physical and mental health is an essential practice if you want to feel confident and in control. Do whatever it takes to give yourself some love.

Detox and nourish your body with fresh, whole foods to aid restful sleep, give mental clarity, boost energy and get in shape. Move your body every day to feel happy, healthy and strong. Get lots of fresh air and sunshine. Meditate. Read a good book. Belly-laugh with loved ones.

A daily self-care care routine will help you be the very best version of you with your mojo in full flow.

Trust Your Intuition.  Listen to your heart - does it feel right? There will always be roadblocks but if you want something enough you’ll find a way to overcome them, so long as you are positive, motivated and confident. Be authentic, be guided by what lights you up inside, realise your potential and go for it!

Set Goals and Be Specific.  Set them high but with realistic smaller goals. Acknowledge and celebrate each time you reach a goal to keep you motivated.

Take Consistent Action.  The most sure-fire way to achieve something you want is to take small, consistent action towards that goal every day. If you are someone that is constantly “getting ready to get ready” you will never get anywhere. Stop the procrastinating. Keep your eye on the prize, keep focused, keep taking action and do something every day, no matter how small, to bring you nearer to your dream.

Address Stress. If you have a lot of stress in your life this can impair your motivation and productivity levels which can deter you from pursuing your dreams. As such it is important to manage your stress levels. The Mummy Mojo Guide To Stress-Free Living is a free e-Book with strategies on how to prevent and avoid stress, as well as fast and effective stress-busting tips. It’s your ultimate secret weapon in the fight against stress. Download your free copy today!

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