Why Mothers Are Top Talent


Mothering a child requires talent, and lots of it! It also requires specific talents that mirror those of a great employee. The skills that are nurtured through parenting a child or children reflect the skills that are in high demand in the market.

So what is a great employee and what is it exactly that employers are looking for in prospective candidates?

Employers are looking for people that can make stuff happen, whether it be designing a new product, taking it to market, implementing the strategy, making the sale, increasing R.O.I.

It’s all about action!

Employers are looking for employees that have excellent time management, leadership and problem solving capabilities.

Businesses are also looking for candidates that embody their corporate values. Cultural fit is extremely important and many businesses recruit implicitly to their corporate values.

Far from being unique, the majority of modern day corporate values are the same. They are brave, fast, innovative, collaborative and integrity.

Check out the posters in the company lift, the careers site or the pictures on the walls of HR and you’ll likely see either these words or a mix of their synonyms.

Now let’s look at what skills are developed through parenting a child.

Time management is without question up there.

If you didn’t master the art of making stuff happen when you were operating on two hours sleep during your child’s infant hood then you most likely developed the skill when you had to fit in work, sleep, cooking, eating, shopping, sport (and throw in either a flat car battery, trip to emergency or passing away of the pet budgie).

Motherhood is about listening, motivating and inspiring action, all pivotal to leadership.

Women are also naturally more empathetic; it’s simply the way they’re wired.

In terms of meeting corporate values, I’ve witnessed some incredible feats of motherhood that tick all of the boxes.

I don’t know a soccer mum, who’s not fast, if not with her movements but certainly with her sideline commentary.

Managing or co-managing a family is all about compromise and collaboration.

Unless the higher education institution you’re looking to send your kids to is Long Bay you’ll be looking to pass on solid values to your children.

Most of the parents I know are striving to be the best versions of themselves.

I cannot necessarily say the same thing about how many people operate at work and certainly not in the boardroom.

Mothers have the talents to be even better employees than before they became parents.

Thankfully employers are now finally cottoning onto this fact with a recent Microsoft employee survey in the UK demonstrating that employers acknowledge the improved performance of mothers in the workforce.

In Australia it’s only the progressive employers that recognise this. However, finally the tides are changing.

Until all employers catch up, women will have to continue to highlight their core competencies in job applications and interviews and not be afraid to openly talk about their developed skills.

About the Author: Kylie Butler is the Founder of Inspired Careers Coaching and a Mummy Mojo contributor. Kylie loves travel, great food, family time, anything to do with the water, running a business and making a difference. She is a passionate about helping people discover their unique talents and to get clear on their core values, inspiring and motivating them to achieve their ideal role.

Mums, you can finally work apply your "Top Talents" to a career aligned to your purpose, that stimulates you, inspires you and satisfies you both financially, and emotionally!