7 Steps to Getting Your Mojo Back


Why do so many mums lose their mojo?

With two children under five, I was working full-time, managing the house hold, studying nutrition and health coaching, and hosting regular social events - dinner parties, committee meetings, book club, etc...

As far as over-committing myself goes, I was having my cake, eating it, baking another one and eating that too!!

Can we really have it all?

Can we constantly hold ourselves to an impossibly high standard (but always feel like we fall short in one or more ways)?

Can we keep striving harder, trying harder, doing more?

I had completely tricked myself into thinking that rushing about, multi-tasking, and ticking a hundred things off my ‘very long to do list’ was the right way to live my life.

The only issue was that I felt flat, fatigued, unmotivated, overwhelmed. Without mojo!

And guess what ladies? Millions of Mums around the world are losing there mojo. A pandemic is happening, and we need to stop it!

Why Is Getting Your Mojo Back So Important?

Our mojo is our true sense of self. Our health, happiness, confidence, peace, dreams, and passions – the things that make you YOU and not just mummy.

When you are running on empty, both physically and emotionally, it is very hard to cater to the needs of others as well as your own.

The first step is to put your own needs on equal top of your priority list.

To know that it is not just OK but absolutely vital to take time out to cater to your own health, wellbeing, and happiness needs, whether that be in mind, body or spirit.

When you allow yourself to give yourself what YOU need, you become open to joy, abundance, opportunity and fulfillment.

7 Steps to getting your mojo back on track

Motherhood offers us the gift of reinvention—a chance to reshape your career path, examine your priorities, start a new venture, or rekindle long-dormant dreams.

Here's 7 simple steps towards having a mojo-filled life. We promise, once you're on the train to "mojo-land" you will never want to get off!

  • Let go of the "Supermum" complex. Often busy working mums will feel struggle simply because they have a Supermum issue. That is the voice that tells you that you have to do more all the time, that your worth is based on what you achieve, that success is a standard measured by what you tick off your to do list and how many balls you juggle. Instead stop for a second to give thanks for everything you have, the love in your life, the abundance you are able to enjoy and for the effort you do make at home and at work. This is one of the fastest ways we know to start to release feelings of lack.

  • Devote 30 minutes a day to YOUR sacred essentials. A set daily routine that is physical, spiritual, and mental will get your day off to a great start, helping you keep focused on achieving your goals. Book an appointment with yourself every day. Choose something that lights you up, that makes your soul sing. Just taking on this simple practice will enhance your happiness and health in so many ways.

  • More music less TV. Music inspires, moves, motivates, stimulates and invigorates. Play the radio loud and sing at the top of your lungs. Dance around the lounge-room with your kids. My son and husband play the guitar while my daughter sings and dances, and I watch on in bemusement. There is always music playing at our house and with that comes a lot of joy.

  • Cook up a Sunday storm in the kitchen. Make it a weekly tradition with the music on and the kids helping out with their aprons on. You can cook up roast meat for use in the week in sandwiches (a good alternative to highly processed hams), wiz up some bliss balls for a sweet and healthy treat, create a couple of large dishes for freezing and eating during the week, and wash and prep a load of veggies and fruits for the week ahead for instant snacks.

  • Create a “stop doing” list! This frantic life we're leading as a mum is full of choices. The raft of activities our kids are enrolled in outside of school are activities we signed up for. The committees, the helping of friends to the exclusion of our own priorities - it's all stuff we said YES to. Why not try applying disciplined thought around how to allocate the most precious of all resources: time. Say “no” to anything that is not meeting your key goals, whether that be spending more time with the family, achieving optimum health, or just getting some precious ME time.

  • Stop sweating the small stuff. This means letting go of the annoying but insignificant stuff. Yep, that means no more crying over spilled milk! Psychological stress, even in small doses, can cause physical stress in our bodies. Excessive cortisol can also deplete immune functioning, resulting in our bodies having trouble fighting off disease - something we all can’t afford. So, when something begins to ruffle your feathers, take a deep breath, exhale it out slowly, and just let it go....

  • Discover what your purpose is to get your mojo back! A vital element of having a mojo-filled life is doing something that matters to you. Doing something you really care about, that lights you up from the inside. Whether it be helping out in a soup kitchen or starting that new career you have always dreamed about, let go of the fear that is holding you back and take one small step towards that goal today. It will only lead to more confidence, more passion, more joy, and more living a purpose filled life.

If you want to get your mojo and sparkle back we can help you!

It’s our goal at Mummy Mojo to inspire, encourage and empower you take the steps to fill your mojo cup, and keep it topped up for good.

To be a happy, healthy mum, with more joy and fulfillment, and less resentment and stress.

If you’re ready to get your mojo back and reignite your sparkle, then our Health & Lifestyle Coaching, EFT, or one of our programs, like the Mindfulness for Mums 14-Day Challenge could be just what you need.

We will guide you to listen to your body’s wisdom, deconstruct your health concerns, eliminate stress, and help you choose foods and positive habits for a vibrant healthy and happy life.