All I Want For Mother's Day Is...


It's Mother's Day again, a time to thank and acknowledge all the mums out there doing a crazy awesome job of being the best mum they can be. Let's face it, being a mum is bloody hard work, both physically and emotionally. It's only since I became a mum myself that I truly appreciate the courage and strength and general awesomeness of my own mum. She lives in the UK where Mother's Day is celebrated on a different day, but I'm still going to take this opportunity to thank my mum for simply being the best mummy ever - love you mum!


As well as being a time to thank and celebrate our mums, it's also an opportunity for our own children to show their appreciation of us, usually expressed in gifts and cards and generally giving mum a break.

In the past when I've been asked what I would like, my response would be "All I want is a lie-in and some time off". Don't get me wrong, I love the little munchkins more than I can say, and since the day they were born I have wondered and marveled at how I could be that lucky. But having three energetic, curious, adventurous boys, including twins, has been exhausting to say the least.


But after nine years of being a mum to these three, things are starting to change. This is the first year that I don't feel the desperate need to have some time to myself, and there are two reasons for this:

- This year has definitely seen a shift as my three growing boys are becoming a more independent and self-sufficient. Yay!

- Perhaps even more significant though, this last year I have finally made self-care a priority. Fueling my body with optimum nutrition, exercising, losing weight and feeding my passions have all had an enormous impact on my health and happiness, thanks to the Mojo Lifestyle Program

hanging out

So this Mother's Day will be much more about enjoying and appreciating the joys and blessings of motherhood rather than about having one day out of 365 to try to recover and regain my sanity. I am looking forward to spending a relaxing day with the kids, having breakfast out, hanging out at the beach, and pizza and a movie together in the evening.


Heart-touching gifts

We don't normally do bought presents, it's usually about the kids making cards / breakfast / a mess. This year however, I was treated to an individual gift from each of the boys, personally chosen by them this week at their school Mothers Day Stall fundraiser. I gave each one $5 to spend, and was genuinely excited and intrigued to see what they would select for me.

They came home from school on Tuesday with handcrafted gift bags and cards, and to be honest these alone were enough. Be still my heart!

bags card

Being kids they couldn't wait until Sunday to give them to me, and I am now the proud owner of a divinely-scented candle, a necklace that I would actually wear, and a shell.

Mother's Day Gifts

The shell really got to me for some reason. I tried to picture my little J standing in line, waiting patiently for his turn to make his purchase. Scanning the items on offer, considering and then discarding them. And then his eyes settling on this shell. Picking it up and turning it over in his hand, feeling it's smoothness on his fingers, holding it to his ear to listen for the sea as we have done so often at the beach. And knowing that this is the gift he wanted to give me for Mothers Day.

The reality is more likely they were all pushing and shoving in the line, he couldn't wait to get out to recess, spotted the shell and thought it looked like a cool weapon, and he bought it with change to spare for a treat in the canteen.

Whatever the reason, he chose it for me, and I couldn't love an inanimate object any more if I tried.

Happy Mothers Day, hope yours is brimming with mojo moments ♥