A cultured experience with Wild Kombucha


With a penchant for sourcing healthy local ingredients, Lara and Matt Ball have embarked on an exciting adventure to open Australia’s first Kombucha bar. From the bustling streets of Leichardt (where their warehouse space is situated), to sophisticated Waverly (where their elixir is also on tap), Wild Kombucha has hit Sydney’s budding healthy food scene with a bang.



So, what is kombucha, some of you may ask?

With its naturally fizzy profile, kombucha is a fermented tea that serves as a healthy replacement for carbonated drinks like soda. Mildly tart and effervescent, kombucha is teeming with beneficial bacteria to coat your digestive tract.

The fermentation and brewing process (kick-started by a translucent, wiggly culture called a "scoby") also creates healthy B vitamins that can activate energy.

I had my own "scoby" for a few years, and things were going well until we went on holidays and I left it exposed to strong summer sunlight. Take it from me, this is not recommended!

I used to drink kombucha regularly, because of its benefits for the digestive system -- it is great to be back on the "goodness" bandwagon.

Who are Ballsy Brewing Wild Kombucha?

Wild Kombucha was developed by its health-conscious founders Lara and Matt Ball. Their company name, Ballsy Brewing, came about as a playful take on their surname and to symbolise jumping head first into the food and beverage industry. And that they have!

The Balls have been brewing for years, and over time, supported by their encouraging family and friends, they decided to turn it into a business. After a long search the found a warehouse space in Leichardt which they have transformed into a truly spectacular kombucha cellar door style tasting space and collaboratory - combining Matt's background in medicine and Lara's creative flair.



Using high quality, seasonal produce, the Balls brew their kombucha on site. Their artisan flavors are punchy, sour, and satisfying.

When it comes to kombucha, Lara likes a medium sweetness, a little natural effervesce, and a marriage between local herbs and the elixir. Matt favours the South American flavours. To me they are all delicious.

Now, if you, like me, salivate over nutritionally dense dishes, open your mouth only for organic or local produce, and believe superfoods are a sexy accessory to any meal, then one of their pop-up breakfasts or dinners are for you.

I was fortunate enough to attend a pop-up breakfast on the official day of their opening. It was out of this world. Their delicious menu, designed with the health-concious foodie in mind, was perfectly matched with their kombuchas.



In fact, they pandered to my every dietary desire, and with their health tonics to match! Tucking into the perfect, delicious, and healthy dishes was like finding a coveted designer dress in the right size during a Boxing Day sales, except that I felt satisfied afterwards.



Ballsy Brewing offer a foodgasmic mixed with art and medicine experience.

I think that their space will attract everyone from mat-toting yogis calmly sipping their post-meditation kombucha through to healthy living advocates who will lust over their local produce and elixirs, and Mum's, like me, who want everything ‘free from’ – gluten-free, lactose-free or sugar-free.

Ballsy Brewing are also dedicated to supporting the environment with recyclable bottles, and working with the local community including Sydney’s oldest garden.



Lara, co-founder of Ballsy Brewing, says Sydney’s growing desire for health-conscious eating out has enabled them to start up Wild Kombucha.

"Wild Kombucha is the result of our quest for a tasty, healthy tonic,” explains Ballsy co-founder Lara Ball.

"We are excited to be opening Sydney’s first kombucha bar and collaboratory space, and we look forward to helping customers harness the wholesome living associated with our drink.”

At Ballsy Brewing I dinned out in style and experienced foodie bliss without the usual side of guilt. Jump on the bandwagon and discover Sydney’s coolest offering. Wild Kombucha is delicious, nutritious…and right up my alley.

Details for all events can be found at their website.