Mojo Secrets to a Dimple-Free Derriere


Cellulite, or what I like to call it,'orange peel skin, affects almost 90 per cent of women, but why is it that I always seem to go to beaches where the butts could be extras on the set of Baywatch? Back in the real world the lumpy, cottage cheese-like stuff pops up on our thighs, arms and butt or essentially anywhere it decides to plop, the bane of my existence!

Some doctors say it is just normal deposits of fat. I disagree. The difference between fat and cellulite is obvious.

Cellulite is the dimpled appearance of fat underneath the skin. No dimples?  Then it’s plain old ordinary fat.  Got dimples? (Or rimples, or cottage cheese… ?)  You’ve got cellulite folks.


What can we do to get rid of the unsightly lumps and bumps?

Although the root cause is often genetic or hormonal factors, there are some however a few simple tweaks to your diet could make a big difference. I'm in. Are you?

The secret to smoother, dimple-free limbs is eating plenty of foods that fight fluid-retention and strengthen your skin, say experts.

The Cellulite Solution says, "foods rich in nutrients such as lecithen, essential fatty acids, amino acids and antioxidants reduce cellular inflammation and squeeze out excess fluids. "Most importantly, they boost circulation, which prevents cells from moving to the surface and looking like cottage cheese."

So ladies, it's time to ditch all those processed foods, sugar, salt and artificial sweeteners that make your body hang on to fluid.

I know it's easier said than done my friend, and I say this while I have my second row of chocolate for the day - it's that time of month, promise!

But from what I have been told totally worth it, and let's all do it for the summer months when our 'mummy' bodies are on show!


What else helps?

And while you're at it it's also worthwhile giving read meat, saturated fats such as butter and full-fat dairy a wide berth, too. Otherwise you may just have a wider berth. Just saying.

I find lean proteins - such as salmon, or if you eat meat chicken - washed down with detoxifying green tea can help fight fluid retention. Lecithin-rich eggs, tofu, vitamin C-packed vegies and omega-3's will all help to arm your skin against the dreaded dimple.

Don't forget H-2o! Drink lots and lots throughout your day to avoid fluid retention and to help keep things flowing!

End the day with some dry skin brushing. It was something that I used to always do on cleansing days and then realised that it helped all year around. Not only does it help banish the lumpy appearance on the backs of your legs it also brightens up the skin and aids with detoxification.

Add these simple tips to your beauty and health routine and you could be looking dimple-free for summer!