Favourite Apps for Meditation, Relaxation and Mindfulness


Mummy Mojo’s favourite apps for the mindful Mum.

Apps can be a great way to support your health and wellness journey. There are a myriad of different apps available and it can be difficult to know which are good and which are just rubbish. Here is a quick list of our favourite apps for meditation, relaxation, and mindfulness.


Our favourite!

Mindfulness Daily

Guides you through quick, effective practices to reduce stress, improve your mindset, and enhance sleep.

iOS only

Relax Melodies: 

Provides personalised relaxation and sleep assistance with 41 different selections to help you tap your way to the exact sound that resonates with your mood, helping you to relax or tell your brain it’s time for sleep.

iOS | Android

Yoga Free: 

Yoga has a soothing effect on the central nervous system and helps reduce levels of cortisol, the “stress hormone”.  This app offers two modes: Quick Recipe for ready-made routines for beginners, and Fast Mode to create your own practice.

iOS | Android


It’s difficult to go to sleep if our minds are busy thinking about the things on our to-do list that didn’t get done, or over-analysing every little problem.  Writing in a journal before bed can help process emotions, solve problems and get your thoughts out of your head.  Penzu is an online diary and personal journal that you can access anytime, anywhere.  It’s just like writing on a notepad!

iOS | Android

Massage Map 3D:  

A massage is a great way to reduce stress, help you relax, and make sleep come more easily.  This app provides an accurate and clear three-dimensional map of some important acupressure points on the body, with basic instructions on how to locate them and perform effective acupressure.

iOS only

Relax and Sleep Well: 

Takes you on a relaxing journey into a deep state of self-hypnosis, accompanied by background sounds at frequencies proved to enhance the meditation effect.  It utilises a post-hypnotic affirmation technique and even-toned suggestions that stay with you in your everyday routine.

iOS | Android


Brings you 1000s of customizable meditations, relaxation audios and personal growth tracks.  Sleep better, relax better and transform your life with exclusive audios from many of the world’s best health, wellness and meditation teachers.

iOS | Android

If you would like to experience more of these apps, the 7 Day Mindful Mum Experience will help you to truly live in the moment. Delivered over 7 consecutive days in manageable short bites across a mix of email, Facebook and text, you can carry out each short exercise and read the supporting materials at a time most convenient to you.