4 key lessons to living a stress-free life


Mums and Stress go together like Butter and Vegemite

Whilst it is amazing being a mum, and we wouldn't change it for anything, it is an intense and demanding job! From the minute you wake up you are under pressure to meet the demands of running a household, being the main caregiver in the family, responding to the constant needs of children, often whilst also holding down a job, and dealing with personal concerns of your own.

There is so much on your plate, so much crammed into your day, it’s no wonder there is stress – it only takes one thing to go wrong and the whole thing can come tumbling down.

And, there is also THAT voice that says....

"you have to do more, your worth is only based on what you achieve, you can't afford to have any down time, you need to put your needs last, your family needs you."

And the result?

  • Rushing Woman.

  • Depleted and defeated "Supermum".

  • Constantly in survival mode mother.

  • Stressed out to the max mum!

Do any of these sound like you? Once upon a time, I was all four of them!

My stress story

I was juggling a sick child, a death in the family, holding down a demanding and stressful corporate job, whilst trying my best to juggle home life. During this time I got through an awful lot of wine and chocolate!

It was a disaster waiting to happen. And the fall-out? Lyme disease, parasites, anxiety, burn-out, relationship stress, low energy, adrenal fatigue. It was totally mojo-zapping.

And the saddest part? It distracted me from my dreams and greatest potential – from leading my most lit-up mojo filled life.

I now know that I wasn't the only Mum with issues resulting from stress, with research showing that 75% of us mums regularly suffer from stress.

Fortunately I reached a 'tipping point'. I got sick of juggling all the balls in the air just waiting for one of them to fall. I missed the energy and vitality of the old me. I knew it was time to shift my body back into balance - both physically and emotionally.

To achieve this I applied a holistic approach with self-care tools and strategies to prevent, avoid, and relieve stress quickly.


You deserve to a happy, healthy mum, with more peace and joy, and less stress.

4 Key lessons to a stress-free life

I'd love to share with you gorgeous mums, 4 key lessons I learned along the way. If you apply just one of these you will be well on your way to living a more stress-free life.

1. It's okay to say no.

I slowly started saying the word NO. I said NO to being a school class parent representative. I said NO to a night out with the girls. I said NO to an offer of champagne and chocolate cake. And, overtime I learned to be okay with saying NO. And you know what? The world didn't fall over. It kept turning and I started to feel more relaxed, and more in control of my life.

2. It's okay look to rest and recuperate.

I allocated time each week to resting and relaxing. I started a morning ritual that included meditation and breath work. By simply focusing on your breath for a few minutes a day you can lower blood pressure and ease stress.

A consistent practice will further boost your ability to cope with stress. I increased my sleep by 10 minute increments so that I didn't wake up every morning with my cranky-pants on!

I found time to sit still, every day. No Internet, no phone, no conversation, just stillness. I learned to enjoy my own company more - to just be with no distractions.

3. It's okay to put yourself first, it's not selfish, it's crucial.

I implemented a daily mojo-me-time booster! A daily activity that gave me joy and re-charged my batteries. I wrote in my journal, I practiced yoga, I had a bath. There is always time as a mum to do this, even if it needs to be after the kids are tucked up in bed. I actually find this to be a good time for it. It helps you to wind down from the day and gives you something to look forward to.

My husband and I got back to having date nights (after being together 17 years they had completely fallen by the wayside!). It was exciting getting together every couple of weeks, just the two of us, to intimately reconnect. I firmly believe that one of the best protections we have against stress is a strong relationship with your partner. If date night isn't possible just do something small each day. Share a funny video, write a love note. The small stuff adds up.

4. It's okay to pursue your dreams.

Just because you're a mum doesn't mean that your sole purpose in life is your kids. I was ignoring my dreams and I was feeling unfulfilled, frustrated and a little resentful. It was important to be true to my authentic self. Not just for my health and happiness, but for that of my family too. I left my corporate job, I pursued health coaching, EFT, writing, mindfulness programs. Yes, the washing still needed to get done, and I still had to take the kids to there after school activities, like a taxi driver! However, I was on the right path, heading in a happier direction, and this alone made me more resilient to other life stresses.

Want to know more? In our free eBook, 'Mummy Mojo's Guide to Stress-Free Living', we share our greatest learnings about managing stress and the role this plays in getting your mojo flowing.

A stress-free life may seem like a pipe dream right now, and sure it won’t happen overnight, but it is a goal worth striving for. Being a mum is a tough gig. You are doing an amazing job.