Wax On Wax Off


It's a crazy busy time of year, with end of year school activities going on, Christmas around the corner, and social diaries full to bursting. To top it off, we also have four birthdays this week in my house (planning was never my strong point!) With my to do list getting out of hand, I knew I would forget something, and of course it was something for me. I had forgotten to book in a wax appointment.

Having smooth skin gives me the same mojo feeling as getting my hair done. If I neglect to do it it really affects how I feel.

With my birthday drinks a couple of days away, and a new dress ready to don for the occasion, I frantically called around my usual local salons in the futile hope that someone could fit me in in the next 48 hours. No such luck.

A friend recommended that I try the local nail bar - I had no idea they did waxing, and neither does anyone else it would seem as they were able to fit me in straight away.

Never in my 20 years of good, bad and shocking waxing experiences have I known anything like this. I was taken to a back room, where these two young girls seemed poised for a start gun.

As soon as I was on the bed they set upon me like a couple of ninjas, simultaneously wielding their wax-roller weapons and strips in a wax-on wax-off frenzy.

Experts at contortion and telepathic communication, they moved around, over and under each other at hyper-speed, in graceful silence, in a space the size of a cupboard.

In the blink of an eye I'm done. Full leg, bikini and under-arm in 14 minutes flat, and for two-thirds of the price I would normally pay!

It was not the sort of pampering experience I am used to, but let's be honest, at the end of the day no amount of frills is ever going to make waxing feel like you are pampering yourself.

No chit chat, no zen music, no soft-lighting, no sensual fragrances, no plush surrounds. Just speed, efficiency, and the BEST WAX I HAVE EVER HAD!

I tried to tell them so - they spoke very little English, but nodded and giggled a lot, and I took a quick snap of them to share on this page.