10 Reasons for Cutting out Coffee while Cleansing


Coffee. Just the word makes me feel happy. In fact I am sure I was Italian in a past life.

It’s an essential part of my day, it makes me who I am. In fact, it’s right up there with showering and brushing my teeth as a daily necessity. But more enjoyable!

While many may laugh at my obsession, others will nod their head in agreement.

I could give you a long list of all the reasons why I LOVE coffee...however, instead, I am giving you a list as to WHY you need to avoid it while you are cleansing. That's right folks.



When ever I do a detox or cleanse I avoid coffee and here are my reasons why...read at your own peril...

  1. Coffee dehydrates you, raises your cortisol levels (aging you more rapidly), and makes you acidic.

  2. Coffee hurts your natural intestinal flow, raises anxiety to high levels, aggression and blood pressure, along with staining your teeth.

  3. People who drink too much coffee often have difficulty getting rid of chemicals from their bodies, and their liver function is off. Caffeine just isn’t that easy to digest. To break down the coffee you ingest and deliver that burst of energy to your blood stream, your liver uses enzymes. If all of your enzymes are hard at work within your liver trying to break down the caffeine, they aren’t ready and active in your blood to knock out other bad chemicals it needs to get rid of.

  4. It takes 64 ounces of water to neutralize one 8 ounce cup of coffee.

  5. Caffeine constricts blood vessels of the brain and causes decreased flow of blood, which cuts the oxygen supply to the brain, resulting in a headache. It also increases your heartbeat 15% and makes your lungs work 13 times harder than normal.

  6. It greatly plays a role in fatigue as well.

  7. Lastly, stop drinking coffee and you may see a huge gain in your sex drive! The adrenal glands in our bodies are the glands responsible for making hormones that make us feel sexual, like testosterone. If you have low testosterone, you will have a lower sex drive. Both woman and men have testosterone, obviously lesser amounts in women. But both sexes will see a difference in their sex drive if they drink too much coffee. If your cravings for sex have decreased and you drink a lot of coffee, weaning yourself off may be the first step to getting your sex drive back to normal.